Who are we and what do we do?


Our aim is to reply in a professional wat to the demand of the customers. Doing this, we can supply the Dutch and Belgian Produce. We would like to use our local experience knowledge, which contains over 35 years, with local growers for our International customers. Also we would like to use the available knowledge of group-members to offer also overseas produce and South European produce.

In what respect is FreshConcept identical to …?

- Owns Bio-certificatred packhouse of 8000m² mainly dedicated to supply Belgian F1 (lidding, flowpacking, topsealing, ...) - Owns branding policy for softfruit with identification - Owns dedicated growers in Belgium and Holland - Has knowledge of supply chain towards all European countries.

What makes us unique?

Short internal communication lines ánd with unique partners; High flexibility and fast reaction to changing circumstances; Growers are the best professionals been selected, I know where your fruit comes from; Produce is fresh; no stocks been transferred to next day, secured freshness; Always offering the newest (best) varieties from the better production regions