Freshconcept was founded in 2007 based upon experience shareholders at auctions; Greenery, Hoogstraten, Driscolls, ... Dieter and Tuur had always been intrigued by the trade and wanted to start a business of their own. Combining their competences was going to be a success. Freshconcept is specialized in supplying Softfruit from local growers and overseas growers on a yearround program. Their focus has always been the relationship between growers and retailers. Product development has been another case of importance. During all those years, their specialty has always been soft fruits, but they have tried to expand as well. Banana's and Pineapples have also been part of their offer. Since 2010 Frshconcept was part of Holding Achiel De Witte. The import knowledge of theit holding has been very usefull for over the years. In 2019 Freshconcept had found another partner so they could be more free.